Halloween is Nigh at 7 Sultans Casino

Soon millions of kids around the world will celebrate Halloween by putting on costumes and going out trick or treating.  Where did this benign and fun custom begin?

Ancients had a fear of demons.  They didn’t have sophisticated scientific explanations for many of the phenomena they saw every day so they attributed them to demons.  The ancient Celts, those unfortunate people who were expelled from England when the Anglo-Saxon invasion occurred in the 6th century (they settled in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland), had a ritual of dressing up in costume to trick the demons that came around at year’s end.

Centuries later, the Church adapted the ongoing costume “celebration”.  They changed the date to the end of October instead of the end of the year, probably because the end of the year was so close to the accepted date of Jesus’s birth.

The Church gave the holiday they had just created a new name.  The most common name is now All Saints Day.  So where does the name Halloween come from?

Hallow is an older form of the word holy.  We still have a form of the word hallow in the phrase hail fellow well met.  And our standard greeting of hello derives from the same word!

The end of the name Halloween is a corruption of the word evening.  So originally Halloween was Holy Evening.  In time the word evening became just “even”.  Then the V fell off and the name was Halloween with both letter E’s pronounced.  Finally, we have the modern name Halloween.

The practice of dressing in a costume and going from door to door began in the Middle Ages as poor kids and some adults asked for food and money in exchange for a song and a blessing.  In that sense, the Halloween practice at first resembled the custom of carolling on Christmas Eve.

It should come as no surprise that the modern custom of kids getting into costume and asking for candy originated in the United States in the early 20th century.  It’s not completely certain but it might have been a marketing ploy by candy manufacturers.

Few remember these days but trick or treating paused during World War II because sugar was rationed.  There simply wasn’t enough candy to make it a viable practice.  It came back quickly after the war and grows year by year.  Kids go around with large bags and collect a bounty of candy rich enough to last for months although many kids eat up all that candy in just a couple of weeks!

Dentists are thrilled by the modern extravagance of sweets distributed on Halloween!

These days, college students take their Halloween costumes very seriously.  In some cases, too seriously; there is a wave of triggers and so-called micro-aggressions associated with Halloween costumes!

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