Thor is Back!

Amazingly, it’s already been two years since we all saw the previous movie in the Thor God of Thunder movie series.  So, as we at 7 Sultans anxiously await the release of Thor: Ragnarok, as you are, we thought we should bone up on our Thor trivia and just remind ourselves of where the story has taken us thus far.

A Big Ongoing Story

Thor: Ragnarok is actually the 17th movie in the Marvel Comics series of fantasy films.  There are elements in many of those other movies that add nuance to the new movie.

In Avenger’s: Age of Ultron, Thor was put under a spell by the Scarlet Witch.  Whilst under the spell, he saw the end of the Earth.  He came to believe that the Infinity Stones held both the power to destroy the world and the secret to saving it so he left Earth seeking the truth behind the Stones.

In Thor: Ragnarok, he returns to Earth.  Thor is back on Earth ostensibly to find his father, Odin, who Loki unceremoniously dumped in order to wrest power from him.  Perhaps we will learn that he discovered some important truths in his sojourn away from our planet!

Loki is Evil Personified

Loki is Thor’s half-brother who reappears in the new movie.  Loki was called the God of Mischief, a misnomer if there ever was one because he tried to gain control over the entire world but was thwarted in his evil plan in Avengers.  Is Loki still bent on world domination?

Asgardians Out

Thor, Odin, Loki and others are from the mysterious planet Asgard.  Not everyone, especially Doctor Strange, who can make beer appear ex nihilo, is happy having Asgardians on Earth. Most Asgardians on Earth are warriors but Heimdall is a different character indeed.  He is a God-like creature who sees all.  He also guards the medium of inter-planetary transportation for Asgardians, an ecologically correct medium called Bifrost.

Danger Afoot?

Asgard was safe at the end of Avengers but the new movie’s trailers indicate that all may no longer be well in Asgard.

It may have something to do with the Stones or with other artefacts housed by Odin in his Vault.  One very important artefact in the Vault is the gold glove in which up to six stones can be stored.  Are they all here?  Are any of them here?

Loki used the Space Stone in his battle with Odin.  The stone was brought to the vault at the end of Avengers because it can do no harm whilst in the Vault.

Hulk is Back

Happily, the producers have promised that Hulk survived the aeroplane crash at sea.  He ends up as a gladiator in the Grandmaster’s arena.

Woe, Is Us

Sadly, for those of us who love beautiful and brilliant women, astrophysicist Jane Foster won’t be back.  But indications are that Valkyrie may be Thor’s new love interest.


Now we at 7 Sultans are ready to immerse ourselves in the newest story from the Marvel series.  We hope you’re ready, too.