Star Wars Slot Game

Can you imagine anything more exciting than a Star Wars Slot Game? It’s actually surprising that one hasn’t been developed yet, and we are all hoping that someone will think to make one soon. While we are at it, I always get excited this time of year since (as you may already know) May 4th is Star Wars Day. It’s a fun little pun since we say “May the Fourth Be With You” like they say “May the Force be with you.” Such fun.

Our Very Own Star Wars Slot Game

So this always gets me thinking about what my Star Wars Slot Game would look like if Lucas knocked on my door tomorrow and told me to get started designing it. My favourite characters have always been Chewbacca, C3PO and R2D2 so I’d focus on these guys for my game. Of course, for good measure, I’d throw in Yoda, Hans Solo, Princess Leia and a few others. I’d love for there to be awesome video clips from the original movies after each win so that players can really get drawn into the fun. I’d make a bonus round where the player has to use his Jedi skills to get out of sticky situations and I’d have C3PO and R2D2 helping out the player to win bonuses and rewards.


7Sultans Online Casino Fun

Until my game is developed, I know I’ll have to just make do with other space-themed games that are already out there at the 7Sultans Online Casino. They do have a great array of fun games, even if there isn’t a Star Wars one yet. The current games include everything from Max Damage and the Alien Attack, to Scary Friends and Battlestar Galactica. I’ve always loved with Max Damage as it puts me into the battle between earth and aliens. It has a dramatic storyline and keeps me at the edge of my seat as I zoom through space. Cool stuff. I love controlling the protagonist, Max, and trying to help him to save the day.

Even More Fun

And then, with a different look and feel there is the Scary Friends online slot game. I love these fuzzy monsters and little fur balls that dance around during the game. There is a free spins round here and a bonus game that has spinning monsters to it. The graphics are awesome and the game is engaging and fun to come back to with the four types of monsters, the animation and the playful jazz music when you hit that win.

Let’s all make sure to enjoy Star Wars Day and to pray to the Star Wars gods that they bring us a Star Wars game at 7Sultans Online Casino soon!