Highlander: A Treasure Trove of Trivia

Highlander was a great British movie from 1986 that featured the “Highlander” an ancient Scotsman, of course, the highlands of Scotland.  Everyone knows that the Highlander could only be killed by decapitation.  Everyone also knows that the movie unleashed an ancient, legendary blood feud.

Here are some amazing facts you might not know about Highlander.

  • The man who played Highlander was raised in Switzerland and spoke very little English.  It was a very good thing that his movie dialogue consisted of mainly grunts and similar sounds.
  • When the film was dubbed into French, Lambert himself did the dubbing.
  • The actor, Christopher Lambert, had only one other movie credit to his name—as Tarzan.
  • Goldie Hawn, who was not yet married to Kurt Russell, talked him out of the role even though he was the producers’ number one choice.
  • Sean Connery had major billing but shot scenes for only seven days because of prior commitments.  He was paid a cool million for his week of work.
  • In his first scene, Connery was almost decapitated by an actor improperly wielding a real sword.
  • When Connery was on set he imposed a rule that no one from cast to crew was allowed to speak about James Bond.
  • Connery and Lambert needed speech coaches—Connery to learn a Spanish accent and Lambert to learn to speak a few words of intelligible English.
  • Fans asked so many questions regarding the origins of the immortals, that the producers made a horribly unsuccessful sequel based on exactly that.
  • The sequel was being filmed in Argentina when hyperinflation hit the country.  It drove filming costs through the roof and caused many professional errors due to lack of sufficient funds to get the scenes right.
  • The movie was not the smash hit of 1986; Pretty in Pink was.  In fact, Highlander was a box office flop.  But Highlanders has produced quite the offshoots: four sequels, three television series, collectable swords, and entertainments such as novels, comics, and the new Highlander online slot at 7 Sultans Casino, featuring 243 ways to win, free spins, original music and more.
  • Highlander II was produced because the original film had a huge cult fan base amongst sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts.
  • The carpark by the castle was covered in peat to hide it.
  • Extras were paid 25 pounds per day and 10 pounds more if they brought their own horse.
  • Many of the extras were students at a nearby university who were appropriate for the film because of their long hair.
  • After the scene in the church was filmed, Clancy Brown apologized to all the nuns and priests if his language, verifiably vulgar, crude, rude, and thoroughly unbefitting a house of the Lord had offended any of them.