Fantasy, Nostalgia, and Realism in Perfect Combination

Here is the lowdown on December’s three great new additions to the online slots repertoire at 7 Sultans Casino.

Wacky Panda

Wacky Panda Slot Game

This is a modernized retro three reel slot with five wacky pandas to put a big smile on your face.  The fun in Wacky Panda is seeing the pandas create wacky wins for you.  They do so on every spin so buckle up for the ride!

The pandas each have unique personalities that work so well together that you’ll want to take them home as pets!

The top win in Wacky Panda is an exciting 16,665, a great incentive to play.  Once you start playing, the wackiness of the pandas will keep you in a great holiday mood for hours!


Highlander slot game

In 1986, a movie was released that combined Scottish legend with modern fantasy.  Highlander became one of the biggest cult hits of all time.  It has spawned sequels, a prequel, television series, and many other offshoots.  And now it’s a slot game!

The slot takes generously from the original movie.  The sky in the background provides a fantastic sense of eeriness.  The 1980’s genre music will bring you back to those nostalgic days of yore.  The 243 ways to win are thoroughly modern, giving Highlander a feel that features fantasy, nostalgia, and modernity in perfect juxtaposition.

If you get two scatters on any spin, they automatically become wild in every sense of the term!  When you get the free spins bonus, the Quickening Wilds feature begins.  In this extra bonus, wilds are added to the reels as you take your free spins.

Finally, Highlander introduces a Big Win experience.  The big win in Highlander is 102,500.  This sum is no fantasy so play Highlander often this month and every month hereinafter.

Holly Jolly Penguins

Holly Jolly Penguins

The Penguins will give you wintry thrill upon thrill: Lorenzo sings opera and in this holiday season, he has become a master Christmas caroler; Ole is a tree trimmer extraordinaire; Tania is the best snowball throwing penguin in the Arctic north; Rudy is red-nosed and quite the rascally fellow, too; Sven is the chief decorator.  They are joined by the sled riders Darryl and Larry plus the brothers Quasi, who rings bells whenever the reels land successfully and Quincy whose sweet tooth never gets cavities and never stops lusting for holiday candies.

Scatters are stacked so it’s possible to get as many as seven scatters in any given spin!  You need three in consecutive reels starting from the leftmost reel to get free spins.  Even if you don’t get free spins, you’ll get a nice-sized prize for getting three or more scatters.

In Holly Jolly Penguins, the base number of free spins is five, ten, or twenty and these amounts can increase depending on the number of scatters you landed.  Three or more correctly placed scatters will retrigger the free spins and there is no limit to the number of times the free spins can retrigger!

Put a Smile on Your Face

Highlander, the pandas, and the penguins will do everything they can to make this a great holiday season!