Travel bloggers you should be following

Here at 7 Sultans Casino, we would like to help you make the best travel plans.  We have selected our top ten Instagram travel bloggers whose expertise will open your eyes to the wonderful possibilities of world travel.  We have a few criteria for an account to get on our list:

  • Great writing.
  • Introduces us to new and exotic places.
  • Our choices must not be travel professionals.
  • Our choices must actually go to the places they report about.

Let’s start:

  • Stephanie Be at StephBeTravel isn’t afraid to sit on a very high ledge overlooking one of the great cities of the world.  We’re inspired!

  • Lee Abbamonte has already visited every country in the world.  We might not be able to put that goal on our bucket list but we love that Lee goes to countries in the dead of winter as well as when the sun is warm and soothing.

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  • Drew Binsky lives in Vietnam so he can help you organize a fantastic trip to that country.  Southeast Asia comes alive on his travel blog.

  • WanderReds takes you on the open road at times and in places where there are seemingly no other people around.  To learn about the solitude of empty wide open spaces his blog has no peer.

  • Alyssa Ramos would live under the sea with the creatures of the deep if that were possible.  Her blog, mylifesatravelmovie, takes you to the deep blue to swim with Nature’s swimmers.

  • Girleatworld from Melissa Hie records the exotic foods she eats at her numerous destinations.

  • If you have wanderlust, you must go to Brooke Saward’s blog world of wanderlust.  She’ll teach you more than where to go; she’ll teach you how to give up almost anything to get the money you’ll need to go there!  It’s amazing what we can live without when the proceeds go to feeding our wanderlust.

Waking up here, you me and the sea 🌊💙

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  • Gabriela Mateus took us to Petra, an ancient city in the southern desert of the Kingdom of Jordan.  We’d heard that Petra was an awesome place but the odd location dissuaded us.  No more!  Go to @gmateus and learn!

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  • Sam Horine is a professional university history instructor and a great travel blogger.  He looks for and finds out of the way places like ghost towns and abandoned factories, mines, and other underappreciated places.  He’ll tell you about each place during its heydey and show how far the greats have fallen.

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  • We’ve saved Kirstin Rich for last to give some exposure to all the deserving others.  Kirstin is truly famous.  She quit everything she trained to become—a corporate money counter—to become “the blonde abroad”.  After you read Kirstin’s blogs, travel will never be the same!

Here we’ve listed ten top travel bloggers.  Needless to say, there are much more!  The bottom line, of course, is to do your online gaming here at 7Sultans Casino so you can use your travelling to eschew those stuffy brick and mortar casinos for the great outdoors!

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