World left handers day

Left-handed people go through life enduring small and not so small inconveniences such as cars, can openers, and scissors built more to accommodate the right-handed.  One thing lefthanders do have in common with right-handers is sharing off-beat International Days.

So, International Lefthanders Day will coincide this year with Filet Mignon Day.  On the previous day we’ll celebrate Middle Children’s Day.  If you don’t want to get out of bed, you can celebrate International Lazy Day.  Whilst you may have missed Mead Day and Mustard Day, you still have time to break out the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows for S’Mores Day.

Although Mead Day and Mustard Day come out on the same day, we don’t recommend “combining” the two!


Whilst only 10%-12% of all people are left-handed, we suspect that a higher percentage love s’mores and are lazy.  Lefties will also be happy to learn that about 50% of rats and mice use their left paws more than their right.

Cats, from the cute kittens to the ferocious Big Cats (speaking of ferocious big cats have you seen our collection of Tiger themed slots) are as likely to favour their left paw as their right.

So, it seems that only the human animal has demonized left-handedness.  It has been seen throughout history as dirty (this started at a time when there was no toilet paper), rebellious, or as a sign of impending criminality.

In recent times, scientists have discovered that lefties integrate communication between both sides of their brain better than righties.  So, lefties can handle more than one stimulus, one that requires the left brain hemisphere and another that requires the right side, and they can do it simultaneously.  We have long known that women are better at multi-tasking.  Now we have one reason why!

Design flaws for lefties

So, it’s true that lefties are inconvenienced almost daily but did you know just how much they’re inconvenienced?

  • We mentioned cars, can openers, and scissors above.
  • Some classrooms have desks for lefties but usually not enough.
  • Coffee mugs have clever sayings that righties can read as they drink, but not lefties.
  • Zippers on jeans are totally designed for righties. That little flap just gets in the way if you’re a leftie.
  • Ice cream scoops make it easy for righties. Simply scooping is hard for lefties.
  • Swiping a credit card is a learned skill for lefties whilst even lazy righties get it right every time.
  • The word “right” means (kind of) “yay”; the word “left” means “bye” or it means I’m such a dummy; I forgot my (insert precious thing) at your house.
  • In American baseball slang, Southpaw means a left-handed thrower. In which slang term is a righty’s hand called a paw.

The pros to being left handed

Okay. So being a leftie is a bummer.  But there are some advantages to being left-handed. Right?!

  • Lefties tend to have higher IQs than righties. Lefties are represented in Mensa, the genius club, double their population in society.
  • Lefties make more money. Maybe they’re smarter than us in more way than we realize.
  • Lefties have stronger leadership qualities. Five of the last seven US Presidents were left-handed.
  • Lefties have better memory than righties.
  • Lefties recover from stroke faster.

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