So many monsters

It’s Moon Day!

July 20th was a big day for mankind. And that’s because it was the day that the first man walked on the moon. The Apollo Space program started by President John F. Kennedy led to the first man on the moon when Apollo 11 took off from Earth with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin Jr. Moon Day is celebrated on July 20th since it was July 20th, 1969 when the Lunar Module touched down and helped America to make history with the first walk on the moon.

Moon Day Fun

How is Moon Day spent now? Well, people can come up with their own ways to celebrate the big day. You might want to enjoy a movie about Space. You could teach your kids all about space or read a book about space exploration. Of course, you could look to the future as well. Maybe there are other places where we will be able to touch down in the future. Maybe we will meet aliens and monsters in some of these new, unknown places.

so many monsters

7Sultans Casino Fun

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Have a Blast on Moon Day

It’s not often that you find a way to commemorate an exciting moment in history and to have a blast at the same time. Get on board for Moon Day and have fun in so many ways!