Thor is Back!

Amazingly, it’s already been two years since we all saw the previous movie in the Thor God of Thunder movie series.  So, as we at 7 Sultans anxiously await the release of Thor: Ragnarok, as you are, we thought we should bone up on our Thor trivia and just remind ourselves of where the story […]


Halloween is Nigh at 7 Sultans Casino

Soon millions of kids around the world will celebrate Halloween by putting on costumes and going out trick or treating.  Where did this benign and fun custom begin? Ancients had a fear of demons.  They didn’t have sophisticated scientific explanations for many of the phenomena they saw every day so they attributed them to demons.  […]


World left handers day

Left-handed people go through life enduring small and not so small inconveniences such as cars, can openers, and scissors built more to accommodate the right-handed.  One thing lefthanders do have in common with right-handers is sharing off-beat International Days. So, International Lefthanders Day will coincide this year with Filet Mignon Day.  On the previous day […]

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Awesome New Casino Games

Summer is heating up and it’s a time to stay indoors and enjoy some activities away from the scalding rays of the sun. Sure you can watch television or do that Zumba video, but these don’t necessarily sound like much fun. But you know what does sound like fun? The new casino games launching at 7Sultans […]

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Many of us know about the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon series and the buzz that it’s created around the world. This international martial arts film had the first film released in the year 2000. The movie was filled, of course, with fighting scenes and awesome martial arts. The English sequel was released in 2016 and […]